Things to consider when shopping online

12/10/2016 09:41

The probability of the final delivered product not meeting the expectations of you...the customers, simply because you never really see the product till it comes to your house.

- The is a risk of mishandling and shipping issues

- There maybe hidden costs and Shipping fee or charges

- There is a risk of an online fraud, so you must be sure to concerntrate when typing your card details

- There will always be spyware concerns - Your personal data can be compromised

- Check the return merchandisepolicy - The process is much more cumbersome and time consuming than going to a shop and asking for an exchange or return.

With the advent of technology and use of sophisticated payment and distribution channels, these concerns have become less and less of an issue. e-Commerce is here to stay You can buy everything from a needle to a plane or a helicopter online.  Enjoy you shopping.